What We Do

Exclusive services from Reveta.

Corporate Branding

We uncomplicate the complicated, creating clear and simple solutions that sets you apart from other businesses.

Reveta Taxi

We strive to dominate the taxi industry and make road transportation in Africa as flexible as running water

ICT Consulting

We combine smart strategy and effective design to develop work that drives results.

A short story about Awesomeness

People don’t fall in love with businesses.

The loyalty, obsession, and engagement of a good consumer/brand relationship comes from the deeper relationships that exist between a customer, and the people behind a company. No matter your industry, the chances are that the end goal of your brand is to appeal to people.

As a business, you should be all about solving problems, alleviating pain-points, and providing a more comprehensive customer experience. Whether you’re selling designer shoes, or the latest hospital technology, you’ll find that your revenue is a by-product of a strong business model, streamlined business process, positive customer interactions, and a sound brand manifesto.

So, how do you convince your audience that there’s more to you than meets the eye?

You need a story

As branding experts, we like to say that we don't create brands, but rather, we reveal them.



Our projects tend to focus primarily on enterprise solutions, straddling
our clients’ technology and business organizations.